July 31 - Brewers 4, Cubs 11

Gordon Lightfoot sings
Wreck of Edmonds Fitzgerald
Season's hope sinking

Sinking like a brick
Is not a good description--
Bricks can build something

July 30 - Brewers 2, Cubs 7

No argument here:
Pummeled, hammered, overmatched.
Try to salvage one


July 29 - Brewers 1, Cubs 7

They scored first and more
But we scored the game's last run-
Momentum, baby!

July 29 - Brewers vs. Cubs

I'm calling my shot
Big ZZZZZ sleepwalks through the third
Cubs out like a light

July 29 - Brewers 4, Cubs 6

List of things that kill:
Smoking, drunk driving, crack, guns,
Weeks at second base

Groggy this morning
Stayed up too late watching game
Was it a bad dream?

Week(s) effort for sure
But Fielder shows some life:
Royalty on tap

No July worries-
We can always bank on
A Cubbie collapse

Yost calls it 'great game'
Hope Ned likes watching 'great games'
from his couch next year

And our Cubs frienemies gloat:

Sabathia who?
Cubs bats hot versus the ace
One down, three to go.

Mighty Cubs win one
Most fun game in a long time
Dust off the Blue brooms?

Enjoy this line up:
Zambrano, Harden, Dempster.
Enjoy your deer fun!


Haiku War!

Brew Crew wants to know
Who will be your goat this year?
An actual goat?

Like Cubs in Haiku
Chicago fans count up runs
As Brewers cross home.

With the big series starting tonight, our new friends/archenemies at
Cubs in Haiku have issued a friendly haiku challenge to Brew Crew Haiku. See their responses in the comments, and please post your own!

Here's the first shots from Wrigley:

Ed writes:

Sunday just the start
Of a Brew Crew losing streak
Cubs will do damage

Ready for C.C.
Cubbie bats will come alive
At Wrigley Field North

And Steven:

Milwaukee better
enjoy their brief stay in first,
Wild Card more likely.

I'd have no use for
The entire state up North
If not for the beer.

It's filled with a bunch
of bass-fishin', cheese makin',
Favre-kissin' morons!

But during the race,
There will be no better pick -
Go Polish Sausage!


July 27 - Brewers: 6 Astros: 11

Prince and Hart struggle,
Suppan's ERA breaks five--
Some chinks in armor.

Look-ing a-head (v):
Dropping two of three at home
as Cubbies loom

Prince lives up to name
He's second in line to throne
Hail mighty King Braun


July 26 - Brewers 6, Astros 4

Given enough time
Competitors' paths converge
Brewers, Cubs even

Prince's irony:
The larger Fielder gets
The less you see him

July 25 - Brewers 1, Astros 3

Astronaut weary-
Autopilot disengaged
On return trip home


July 24 - Brewers: 4 Cardinals: 3

Braun's blast leads the way
To mystical land of sweep
Shirts untucked again

Here's what it was like:
Ninth inning, one on, Braun up ...


July 23 - Brewers 3, Cardinals 0

Have to ask question--
Can CC possibly win
Cy Young for three months?

Who could imagine
Sweeping St. Louis road trip?
Summer foolishness!

Cardinals chopped down
Cubs barely hold totem's perch
Brewers carve 'em up

Game story


July 22 - Brewers 4, Cardinals 3

Long climb almost done
Sun is shining brightly in
The Hall of power

Dear Mr. Bill Hall,
Remember those boos in spring?
Our bad, -Brewers fans

Game story


July 21 - Brewers 6, Cardinals 3 (10 innings)

Weeks muffs and duffs
But Billy Hall still wins games
Torres unearns win

Game story


July 20 - Brewers 7, Giants 4

Parra, me see him
Makes Giants bats look sickly
That's just cilia

Weak play at second:
Ricky, we hardly knew ya
Durham settles in

Hart combs all-star's hair
Braun-y soaks up the bullpen
Giant July sweep

Game story


July 19 - Brewers 8, Giants 5

Sheets not at his best
Bailed out by offense and pen
Rainy day brightened

July 18 - Brewers 9, Giants 1

CC shuts them down
Fielder gets his home run stroke
Welcome to home stretch


July 13 - Brewers 3 Reds 2

One C.C. starts it
The other C.C. ends it
Winners all around

Prince steals second base
Counsell a jack with sacks full
But CC is king

'Forget you, Brew Crew,'
C.C. says to sinking team.
'I'll do it myself.'

Game story

July 12 - Brewers: 2 Reds: 8

Home after long day
Settle in to watch Brewers--
Tivo malfunction!

Lost two straight to Reds?
Last game before break today
CC must earn keep


July 11 - Brewers 5, Reds 6

Three frickin' errors
Puts an end to saluting
The improved defense.

July 10 - Brewers 11, Rockies 1

Thirteen Ks, no walks
Not Sheets or Sabathia
Lets call him Cy Bush


July 9 - Rockies 8 Brewers 3

Saw this one coming
Sheets outpitched by Glendon Spahn
Brew Crew hangover


July 8 - Brewers 7, Rockies 3

Jam paCked Miller Park
Tuesday night Celebration
The future is now

Everybody dance (now)
C+C pitch factory
Laying down the beats


July 7 - Brewers 3, Rockies 4

Missing piece added
Problem with Monday's hoopla:
Have to play the games


July 6 - Brewers 11 Pirates 6

Tribe throws baby out
With Sabathia water
Crew comes up Millhouse.


July 5 - Brewers 2, Pirates 1

Hottest hitter bunts
Coolest hitter wins the game
Gotta love baseball

If C.C. trade comes
Then tonight's star of the game
Goes back to the pen

Bush redeems himself
Fielder gets game winning hit
Gagne gets the win

Mid-summer anthem:
Oh-oh say can you C.C.
By Braun's All-Star flight?

Game story

July 4 - Brewers: 9 Pirates: 1

Shrimp and steaks on grill,
Brewer game on radio--
Great Fourth of July

Hate that I wonder
If an eight-run lead is safe
In the ninth inning


July 3 - Brewers: 5 Diamondbacks: 6

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn
Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn
Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn


July 2 - Brewers 4, Diamondbacks 3

Go to bed down one
'They never come back to win'
Surprise waking up

Game story


July 1 - Brewers 8, Diamondbacks 6

Quick start is enough
When backed with defense and pen--
Suppan unearns win.


June 30 - Brewers 3, Diamondbacks 6

Bush throws no hitter?
transformed in the desert heat
Hitter knows Bush throws

Snakebit in desert
Festering wound could get worse:
Big Unit up next

Bush no longer blooms
Please dig the damn thing up and
Replace with CC.

Game story