October 5 - Brewers 2, Phillies 6 (playoffs!)

Suppan cashing checks
For throwing like man his age
Rare Melvin mistake

Three million fans
Paid way for great year but now
Miller Park quiet

Brewers lose 6-2
Seasons over what should they do?
Hire Sveum and CC too.

Cubs done in 3  games
Once again the curse remains
Losing causes pain

Differ from above: 
Gagne Melvin's rare mistake,
Sveum best at third base

Grueling, horrible
Excruciating season
Miss it already


October 4 - Brewers 4, Phillies 1 (playoffs!)

Towels waving like
Emotion given substance
And white untucked shirts

Couldn't see Hart's drop
Hidden in right field corner
Only flaw of night

Hardy and Bill Hall
Fielding like Ozzie and Brooks
Gloves golden for night

Three games, no dingers
Fielder and Braun simmering
Waiting to explode


October 2 - Brewers 2, Phillies 5 (playoffs!)

Another short rest
Leads to some control issues
CC is human

With bases loaded
One out in the first inning
Wishing Hart struck out

Here is the shocker
Pitching over eight innings
Bullpen still perfect

Where have you gone Gabe
Kapler? Milwaukee turns it's
Lonely eyes to you


Oct. 1 - Brewers 1, Phillies 3 (playoffs!)

Free runs dumb errors
No clutch hits down zero one
Season's old story

Cameron runs back
Glove arm stretches into rain
Ball falls to wet turf

Stayed within striking
Battled and fought to end but
No three run homer

Mitch, Carlos, Manny,
Mota-- four innings, no runs--
Can't blame the bullpen