Game 50: Brewers 5, Reds 2

He sets new record
With every single save.
Watching history.

First place on June 1st:
Agony of what could be
Tantalizing hopes

Game 49: Brewers 9, Reds 5

Counsell gets three hits
To lead sixteen hit attack.
Is this guy for real?

Game 48: Brewers 3, Reds 2

Three hits are enough
When two get up, get out, gone.
Hoffman nails it down.


Game 47: Brewers 2, Cardinals 3

Offense is missing
Lost in haze of bad selection
Swinging at garbage

Safety patrol cheers
But fifth-graders can't stop Cards
From outfield seats


Game 46, Brewers 1 Cardinals 8

McGehee? Gerut? Who in
The hell are these guys?

Suppan crashes, burns
Cold, wet Milwaukee weather
Bats become frozen


Game 45: Brewers 1, Cardinals 0

Dear Mr. Bill Hall
Gamel is replacing you
But today - hero.

Game 44: Brewers 3, Twins 6

Foul ball. No wait!
Booing crowd changes fortune.
Grand slam steps to plate ...


Game 43: Brewers 2, Twins 6

No hope in this one
Double plays stopped early rout,
But the gates opened.

Falling production:
20,11 and six
Twins do for goose egg


Game 42: Brewers 3, Twins 11

Weeks, now Hardy, down
Limping home through Metrodome
Battered crew battered


Game 41, Brewers 4 Astros 3

Bullpen outstanding
Homerless attack does job
Finding ways to win


Game 40, Brewers 4 Astros 6

Wandy handcuffs crew
While Yo Gallardo struggles
New streak starts today


Game 39: Brewers 4, Astros 2

Seven in a row
Eleven over, three up
Daily standings bliss

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Game 38: Brewers 8 Cardinals 4

Mat arrives with bomb
But the day brought somber news.
Can he play second?

Weeks out for the year
Crew swept Cards tonight for you
Get well soon Rickie
-Laura Olson, Greenville, SC

Kendall's history
Broken bone to milestone
2,000 base hits


Game 37 Brewers 8 Cardinals 2

Winning streak hits five
Parra is getting better
Worried about Weeks

Game 36 Brewers 1 Cardinals 0

Recipe for win:
Hot Sup and a bit of Hart
Simmer with Trevor


Game 35, Brewers 5 Marlins 3

Afternoon bells toll
For another 1, 2, 3
Hoffman Perfection


Game 34: Brewers 8, Marlins 6

Excuse disbelief -
Rickie Weeks, home run leader
All-Star far behind?

Strobe erupts night sky
Quiet connects light and ... BOOM!
Game, in a flash, gone.


Game 33: Brewers 6, Marlins 3

Three run deficit
No problem when mighty Prince
Leads long ball brigade

Parra grinds out six
Sharpens dull April pitches
Fillets the Marlins


Game 32, Brewers 2 Cubs 4

Offense slows for day
Afternoon shadows end hope--
Bring on slumping fish!


Game 31 - Brewers 12 Cubs 6

Counsell hits home run
Lights go out shortly after
Baseball gods were stunned

Game 30: Brewers 3 Cubs 2

Brewers against Cubs
Down by one late with Braun up
Dinger deja vu


Game 29: Brewers 5, Reds 6

Climbing the mountain
Progress never a straight line
Slips along the way

Slider doesn't slide
Majestic arc pierces gap
Growing deficit


Game 28: Brewers 15, Reds 3

All starters get hits
Big blue machine leaves Reds flat
Parra gets first win

For one night only
A relaxing victory!
Relief for relief


Game 27: Brewers 8, Pirates 5

Eerie Pittsburgh night
Hardy rises from the dead
Spooks Pirate pitchers

Suppan's second wind
Villanueva's third save
Hardy victory


Game 26 Brewers 7 Pirates 4

Dear schedule maker,
Forget Cubs, Cards, Reds, Astros--
Give us all Pirates


Game 25: Brewers 4, Diamondbacks 3

Spring comes to beer town
Warm sun shines through open roof
Cameron blooming


Game 24: Brewers 1, Diamondbacks 4

Saturday night fight
More Hatton than Pacquiao
Haren knocks 'em out.

Rib cage, upper back
Braun's mystery ailment
Intercostal blues


Game 23: Brewers 2, Diamondbacks 5

Friday night special
Offense cooks flavorless meal
Weak Coffey served

Game 22: Brewers 4, Diamondbacks 1

Hope Melvin doesn't
Overreact and give Sup
Contract extension