September 28 - Brewers: 3 Cubs: 1

Let us not forget
on this celebration day
Wes Helms' hit sank Mets

Like a prize fighter
Bloodied but not defeated
Brewers still standing

Get outta here-- gone!!!!
Braun and Sabathia mean
No football today

Opening Day hopes
Realized through seasoned play
October's sweet call

Victory. Collapse.
This is ours. Another their's.
Winners and losers.
Mazeroski Fisk
Gibson Henderson Thompson
Carter and now BRAUN!!!!

September 27 - Brewers: 3 Cubs: 7

Destiny on hold
Late comeback not quite enough
One game for it all


Septembe 26 - Brewers: 5 Cubs: 1

With season on line
Brewer fans all hold our breath
McSuppan kills Cubs


September 25 - Brewers: 5 Pirates: 1 (10 innings)

White towels were waving
But there was no way in hell
They meant surrender

With bases loaded
Braun sends mighty swing to left
Ball swallowed by crowd


September 24 - Brewers 4, Pirates 2

Crew wins with two hits--
They say playoff teams always
Find ways to win games.

Strand lead-off triple
Squander grand slam and big lead
Mets are Brewers-esque! 


September 23 - Brewers 7, Pirates 5

Mota is mortal
Or did he want to give Prince
Chance to touch 'em all?

Some wisdom from Sveum:
No matter how the game starts
You can win in ninth.

Sveum's Anatomy:
Doctor, come quick, won't believe ...
Offense is alive!


Sept. 21 - Brewers 8, Reds 1

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait ...
Teams can comfortably win?
A novel concept

Sept. 20 - Brewers 3, Reds 4

Season on the line
Bases loaded in the ninth
No surprise ... strikeout.

Sept. 19 - Brewers 2, Reds 11

Falling behind late
Hard to keep going along
With season so bleak


Sept. 18 - Brewers 6, Cubs 7 (12 innings)

Can't hold four run lead
Two outs in ninth, no one on--
Is it Dale Sveum's fault?

Forgive sexist line:
Dear Brewers, save us pain:
Kick us in the balls

Winning by four runs
Two outs in the ninth inning
No need to worry ...

September 18 - Brewers: 6 Cubs: 7 (12 innings)

Can't hold four run lead
Two outs in ninth, no one on--
Is it Dale Sveum's fault?

Sept. 17 - Brewers 6, Cubs 2

Savor this morsel
Crumb satiates the ravished
Full meal: Two of three


September 16 - Brewers 4, Cubs 5

Crew shows signs of life
But this case looks terminal
Sveum running hospice


September 15 - Yost Fired

Remember way back
In April 87
Sveum saved the lost cause

Who is that hero
Coming over horizon?
19 rides again


Sept. 14 - Brewers 1, Phillies 6 (doubleheader)

Unwatchable game
Franchise's pride exhausted
Collapse complete

Next season advice: 
Vomit on yourself in May
No September choke

Sept. 14 - Brewers 3, Phillies 7 (doubleheader)

Off-season moves haunt:
Braun's defense scores losing run
Bullpen can't keep close

No chance of winning
Always sunny in Philly
Total acceptance


Sept. 13 - Brewers 3, Phillies 7

Wait, what just happened? 
Fielder, Braun hit HRs? 
Hope on sinking ship

Homeruns in past month
Jason Kendall 1, Braun 1.
Today's Bash Brothers! 

Two first-class tickets,
A beach, sun, mojito ...
Parra needs a rest 

Sept. 11 - Brewers 3, Phillies 6

Loss after more losses
Dries up the poet's inkwell
We're falling behind

Don't know what to say
Other than this season is
Slip sliding away


September 10 - Brewers: 4 Reds: 3

Cameron's clutch hit
Ends home stand with four game lead
Calendar dwindles

All right, moving on ...
Done with nothing-to-lose gang
High stakes in Philly


September 9 - Brewers: 4 Reds: 5 11 innings

Missing: Crew offense
Maybe they just stepped out to
Eat wings with Vince Young


September 8 - Brewers: 4 Reds: 5

Rogers plays solid
Bigby comes in late for save
Oh, wait. Crap. Wrong game.

There's only one way
For crew to make post season
Starters must pitch nine


Sept. 6 - Brewers 1, Padres 10

Season fades away
Now we know what it feels like-
to be a Cubs fan.

Perfect game denied
Lonely run found in the eight
Modicum of pride


September 5 - Brewers: 3 Padres: 2 - 11 innings

Gagne blows again
Makes Brewers play overtime
End September slide


Sept. 4 - Brewers 2, Padres 5

All stars disappear
Behind September drizzle.
Last-place-home-loss blues


September 3 - Brewers: 2 Mets: 9

Crew, Cubs, Phils all lose
Wait-- who is that behind us?
Astros back in race!

Spying October
Wrong end of the telescope
Big games come up small


September 2 - Brewers: 5 Mets: 6 (10 innings)

Hardy out at home
Kendall throws wild on big bunt
September starts rough


September 1 - Brewers: 2 Mets: 4

Labor Day cookout
Going well until the eighth
Gagne drops the brats


Aug. 31 - Brewers 7, Pirates 0

Hit or no-hitter?
CC gives up a blooper
Scorer drops the ball

Be very quiet ...
Picked up two games in two days
We're hunting Cubbies