Game 128: Brewers 4, Pirates 1

No matter how bad
There's always a step lower
The Pittsburgh Pirates


Game 127: Brewers 7, Pirates 3

Holding the lead late
Overcomes middling collapse.
On the cusp of streak.


Game 126: Brewers 8, Pirates 6

Big lead slips away
Parra nearly ruins day
Crew wins anyway

Game 125: Reds 8 Brewers 5

Your '09 Brewers:
Winner's mistress, loser's bride -
honeymoon's over.



Game 124 - Brewers: 3 Reds: 4 (10 innings)

Loss overshadowed
By piece of breath taking news--
Kevin Barker lives!

Game 123 - Brewers: 6 Reds: 8 (13 innings)

Blue collar Suppan
always punches out at 5
despite salary

Everybody knows
Coffey grounds third time around
make for a weak Brew

Valiant comeback
Has Miller Park rocking out
Just another loss


Game 122 - Brewers: 7 Nationals: 1

Couple of home runs
Four shut out innings from pen
Team owed Yo this one


Game 121: Nationals 8, Brewers 3

the type of car wreck
that's too difficult to watch
but you have to see

eager Prince hacking
nine pitches in four at-bats
four walks yesterday

Pre-season promise
'Cubs class of the division'
Love to pass them up

Game 120: Brewers 11, Nationals 9

Head down Cameron
struck out in final at-bat
wanted five good ones

Up eight, then tied up
Burns strives forth, but can't reach fourth
Send down is the low down


Game 119: Brewers 7, Nationals 3

This odd sensation
Happy after checking score
Forgotten winning


Game 118: Brewers 1, Pirates 3

Swept by lowly Bucs
Clear the players really don't
Give a flying $#&%

Pirates beat Brewers
Junior college beat Pirates
Where's that leave the crew?


Game 117: Brewers 2, Pirates 5

What to write today
About Crew bottoming out?
Can they sink lower?

Melvin's bumbling
Leads to August stumbling
Fans left mumbling


Game 116: Pirates 9, Brewers 5

Cash in your chips, Doug
you have five second baseman
and you need an ace

Game 115: Astros 8 Brewers 5

Fielder and Braun
make Roy Oswalt look silly
but that's about it.

Baseball baffler:
When does slider have no slide?
When thrown by Weathers


Game 114: Brewers 6, Astros 2

Six runs, no home runs
Great pitching from pen and Burns
Some real signs of hope


Game 113: Brewers 11, Astros 2

Two game winning streak
Wandy caught with his pants down
never recovered.


Game 112: Brewers 12, Padres 9

There's nowhere to hide
when summer casts long shadows
and you're the shadow

Long bombs move Brewers
Two and a half behind Cubs--
Something to root for


Game 111: Brewers 5, Padres 6

Death of a season
Can't fire bases loaded walks
Hope springs in Green Bay


Game 110: Brewers 6, Padres 13

Baseball's worst offense
Devours Looper and pen
While Crew fans starving

Game 109: Brewers 0, Astros 2

Crew's lazy Sunday
Finishes their vacation
Now come home to work


Game 108: Brewers 12, Astros 5

Forget the twelve runs
Big story is Smith and Burns
Pitch shutout innings

Hardy Hall Gerut
cannot hit to save their life -
all three are in there.


Game 107: Brewers 3, Astros 6

Kendall's shot wasted
By sagging middle relief
Weekend looks ugly


Game 106: Brewers 4, Dodgers 1

Brewers win series
Outscored 23-14
Day-to-day baseball


Game 105: Brewers 4, Dodgers 17

run. run. run. run. run.
run. run. run. run. run. run. run.
run. run. run. run. run.

Melvin dug a hole
Pitching staff left staring up
Crew six feet under

Forget the pitcher
Prince charges the locker room
Enjoy the time off

Last check before bed
Down5-3, Brewers closing
Rude awakening


Game 104 Brewers: 6 Dodgers: 5

Rocking swivel hips
shoulders curl in, eyes squint
Manny's a dead man

Braun launches a bomb
Hoffman struggles but closes
I slept through it all

Parra for the course
Parra-chutes to the rescue
Parra-mount success


Game 103: Brewers 6 Padres 1

Weeks Hart Hall Hardy
not on the field today
Who knew in April?

Game 102: Brewers 2, Padres 4

Couple of home runs
Burns fills in admirably
Still ends in a loss

Another series
Another two of three lost
Dragging on and on


Game 101: Brewers 7, Padres 11

win now means win now
when it does not mean win now
it looks like tonight

Call him the savior
Top secret ace in the hole
Chris Capuano

7-1 lead
Falls to 10 unanswered runs
Admit: It's over

Gerut for Junior
Claudio Vargas returns
Failure: Doug Melvin