Game 21, Brewers 1 Pirates 0

Brewers have day off
Except for Yo Gallardo
One man wrecking crew


Game 20: Brewers 6, Pirates 5

Sixth inning rally
Crawling back to .500
Brewers own Pirates

12 pitches, three outs
Hoffman rocks the ninth inning
Relief for bullpen


Game 19: Brewers 10, Pirates 5

Every frickin' game
Villanueva blows lead
Plane ride to Nashville

Rally to protect
USS Braun under fire
drop cheapshot Pirates

Very happy that
Coffey gets out of the eighth
No win for CV

Game 18: Brewers 2, Astros 3

Clutch hits don't appear
So road trip ends in whimper
Miller Park beckons


Game 17: Brewers 9, Astros 8 (11 innings)

Throwing games away
Only to grab them right back
Going for the sweep

Groaning at Carlos
But misplaced anguish in ninth
No field Fielder

Oh how the words flow,
Like lightening sky dances,
On four-game win streak

With cold rain back home
Offense heats up way down south
While pitchers freeze up


Game 16: Brewers 5, Astros 2

Yovani goes the
distance, holding the Astros
on the launching pad.
Rickie, Corey, Braun,
Prince and Mike, JJ, Kendall,
each reach, bats alive.

Brew Crew Haiku's bad
Only one reference to Yo
Many more to come


Game 15: Brewers 6, Phillies 1

Great Phillies offense
Reduced to tatters again
Pitching staff shows life

Live box score
Flashes Matt Stairs' long home run
Maybe next time, Bush

No-no into Eighth
Bush hurls a gem, Crew taking
series from Phillies.

Braun is on fire
gets to Phils' Lidge in Ninth, who
then drills Prince, high heat.

Game 14, Brewers: 3 Phillies 1

Just enough offense
Looper stablizes staff
Hoffman coming soon


Game 12: Brewers 4, Phillies 11

Rains fall, extending
Seventh, offense just dreary,
Crew falls in Philly.

Silver in the clouds
Braun swats a pair, drives in four,
Five hits, career best.

Swirling playoff ghosts
Mock last year's optimism
Hollow sweeping thud

Milwaukee's new era:
Phillies the new Cardinals
'82 replaced


Game 12, Brewers 4 Mets 2

Suppan Effective
But story of this game is
Strong Coffey brewing

Game 11: Brewers 0, Mets 1

Duel of pitchers
Bats silenced, Crew falls to the

Braun futile effort
Strike 'em out, then throw 'em out
Double-play ending


Game 10: Brewers 4, Met: 5

The five hundred club
Has new member in Sheffield
World going to hell

Sheffield's legacy:
Tanking plays in Milwaukee
Not steroid HRs


Game 9: Brewers 9, Reds 3

Looper breaks the seal
Cameron honors forty-two
Huh, this team can win


Game 8: Brewers 1, Reds 6

Things might get much worse
Road trip to Mets and Phillies
Right around corner

Last year's magic gone
Powerful wizard needed
Macha no Merlin

Down two in the ninth
Carlos V still coughs up three
Team's infectious cold


Game 7: Brewers 6, Reds 7

Note to Crew pitchers:
Takes longer to walk batters
Than write a haiku


Game 6: Brewers 5, Cubs 8

Soup walks in the park
Easter of 87
This surely is not

Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk
Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Run, Walk, Run
Walk, Run, Walk, Run, LOST!

This is my haiku about the game the Brewers played against the Cubs last night.
It has a few extras syllables in it, I know. Don't worry though. It isn't a big deal at all.
This bloating is nothing compared to Suppan's salary.

Rocket! Flying far. . .
Above the far outfield wall
Grand Slam traded for sac-fly.


Game 5: Brewers 5, Cubs 6

When we lead by one
It really doesn't take much
To throw it away.

Rushed delivery
Kicks dirt in umpire's eye
Injustice at first

More like Villa-viejo
New year, old story.

Hits sour note in the ninth
"Hells Bells" are silent


Game 4: Brewers 4, Cubs 3

No ticket this year
Sitting at home on my couch
Beer is much cheaper

Rickie hesitates
Then makes mad dash for home plate
Miller Park erupts


Game 3: Brewers 1, Giants 7

This among Giants
No hope for beleaguered staff
Against contenders

Game 2: Brewers 4, Giants 2

Forget the first win
Bigger issue is where are
Journal Times box scores?


Game 1: Giants 10, Brewers 6

Sitting in office
Thinking about nothing but
San Francisco rain

Deepest fear is real
Pitching staff exposes it's
Soft underbelly

Uke on 620
Gamecasts on ESPN
Ah ... the sweet return.

Enjoy it Suppan-
You won't finish what you start.
Released by July.



Sure, Weeks is healthy.
But we must avoid being
The Hartless Bastards.


Spring training looks good
Rickie Weeks is playing better
Hope springs eternal.


April losing streak
Injuries take the field
Season dreamt last night


Brew Crew Haiku is back for another round of 5-7-5 commentary on the Milwaukee Brewers' 2009 season. Any and all are invited to submit Brewer haiku throughout the season, and look for us to renew our friendly rivalry with The Cubs in Haiku, which is already up and running with haiku from spring training. Good luck to all and happy haiku-ing!