June 29 - Brewers 0, Twins 5

Words flow after wins-
But it gets really quiet
After bad losses

Game story


June 28 - Brewers 5, Twins 1

Dugout irony
Fielder earns nary a namesake
Prince needs a nickname

Parra mows them down
Cubs get spanked again by Sox
Slow climb continues

Minnesota tears:
Homers grit teeth on three hits-
Insurgents howl

Cleaning dirty streak
Under tighty-whitie dome.
Milwaukee bidet

Game story

June 27 - Brewers: 6 Twins: 7

Dance with what done brung
Balls hung by McClung get stung
Fifth spot still looks young

As DH, Fielder
Takes designated o-fer.
Give that man a glove.


June 25 - Brewers 2, Braves 4

Brave showing on road-
Two of three disappointment
High expectations

Game story


June 24 - Brewers 4, Braves 3

Tuesday night softball
Radio on bench crackles
Brewers, J-Whacks win!


June 23 - Brewers 4, Atlanta 1

Weak N.L. central?
Third-place team is eight over-
Midwest pennant race

Checklist for road trip:
Maps? Check. Snacks? Check. Music? Check.
Ben Sheets on mound - check!

Blazing Sheets on mound.
What about Bullpen? Don't need
No stinking bullpen.

Game story


June 22 - Brewers 7, Orioles 3

Long fly for Fielder
Obstructed view hides the flight
Fireworks tell tale.

Sitting in terrace
Round of cupcakes for our friends.
Happy Birthday T!

Perched on foul pole
Hanging over outfield
Outer space on earth

Tucked in the box score
DiFelice's one-two-three:
The sweetest relief

Game story

June 20 - Brewers 3, Orioles 2

Brewers showing Hart
But why can't White Sox beat Cubs?
Hot streak seems in vain.

Celebrate June wins
Watch scoreboard in September
Truth behind cliches

Game story


June 20 - Brewers: 5 Orioles: 8

Suppan digs big hole
One swing from Brayan can fill
Yost sends Hall to K


June 19 - Brewers 8, Blue Jays 7

Bush hits it big time
bullpen cashes in his chips
Jays a dollar short

Riske is risky
No doubt Dillard a dullard.
Bush the ace ... really?

Game story

June 18 - Brewers 5, Blue Jays 4

Sheets gets his eighth win
Nagging injuries are gone
Must be contract year

Blue jays blue color
Disappears with cracked feather:
Today's bird lesson.

Game story


June 17 - Brewers 7, Blue Jays 0

Forget Braun, Fielder,
And big Russell the muscle--
Counsell big slugger

He's said it before,
and Parra says it again:
Rookie of the year


June 15 - Brewers 4, Twins 2

Cameron makes like
Big Mac with large fries and shake.
McClung gets McWin.

Hand raised, call for time
Play on says the umpire:
Strike three ... yer outta here!

Brats, beer, bright red shoes
Baking in the Sunday sun:
Happy Father's Day!

Game story

June 14 - Brewers 4, Twins 9 - 12 innings

Turned off the television.
Thought the game was done.

Tavarez ticking
Like crazy baseball time bomb.
Twelfth inning explodes.

Game story


June 13 - Twins 10 Brewers 2

Brewers two left feet
Slowey-Slowey, then quick-quick
alone on dance floor

Game story


June 12 - Milwaukee 9, Houston 6

Lineup Transformed
Strong Hart leads to Hardy Braun
And beefy stat line

Game story

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June 11 - Brewers 10, Astros 6

Two shots from the Hart
To win the game, Corey you
Give love a bad name

Game story


June 10 - Brewers 1, Astros 6

Cameron plays short
Bases loaded drive goes long
Gold glove no help there

Game story


June 9 - Off Day

Weeks on the DL
He hasn't been hitting so well
Rest may help him gel.

Weeks goes on DL
Joining Bill Hall and Gagne
At the checkout line

June 8 - Brewers 3, Rockies 2

Mota demoted:
Salomon works five-out save
Hope his arm stays on

Game story


June 7 - Brewers 2, Rockies 7

Head for the mountains-
Bush brews up cheap lager swill
Weaver Weiss on tap?

Game story


June 6 - Brewers 4, Rockies 6

It doesn't take much
One inning, one pitch, one swing
Back to scuffling

A barbaric HAWPE-
Returns from convalescence
To shout from rooftops

Game story


June 5 - Day Off- On Vacation

Are Brewers playing?
Don't know beacuse sun hot and
Beer cold In Key West.


June 4 - Brewers 10, Arizona 1

man descends from trees
man climbs out of the ocean
either way, Crew wins

Top 40 Countdown:
Where the hits keep on coming
And the Crew rolls on

Cory Hart Sutra:
No first, no second, no third...
Home, home distant home

Game story

June 3- Brewers 7, Diamondbacks 1

Hall feasts on lefties
Johnson serves up the eggshells
That Hall walks upon


June 2 - Brewers 4, Diamondbacks 3

Prince fills the night sky
Defense takes the big dipper
Torres the bull saves

Salomon the wise:
Defense hands over baby
Torres solves riddle

Mota and Torres,
Doing job of the fat cats--
Budget bullpen thrives.

Game story


June 1 - Brewers 10, Astros 1

Ryan Braun doll day
And nothing better than him
On his home run trot

Winning sweeps doldrums
Summer lilies ready blooms
June's opening day

Game story