Trading Deadline

Brewers on the cheap
trotting out value Vargas
baserunners half price

Claudio Vargas?
Hell, why not also go get
Johhny Estrada?

Dear V. Rottino,
Will miss you come September
When you don't get called

Game 100 Brewers: 7 Nationals 3

Gallardo mows Nats
Counsell and Fielder go deep
Team turns Hall light off

New murderer's row
Braun, Fielder and ... Counsel?
Fourth home run this year

Realistic shot
50 up and 50 down
62 to play


Game 99: Brewers 7, Nationals 5

Insert haiku here
because I don't see that much
to get me going

Bleeding stops for now
But patient still critical
Doctor Yo on call

Old reliables
Parra, Hall's futility
Hoffman shuts the door

Game 98: Brewers 3, Nationals 8

Brewers wounded knee
no Indians to save them
losses pile up

Found tranquility
Losses now enjoyable
Cheering for Nats' sweep

Pack is 9 and 2
Rodgers blows out ACL
Who they gonna call?


Game 97: Brewers 6, Nationals 14

expectations high
weak team swats awful pitching
playoff hopes stone dead

Barack hold the phone
two grand slams trumps perfect game
it's a local call

Yesterday Looper
Today Suppan stays too long
Macha's stay shorter

Suppan gives up six
Stays in to bat next inning
Then gives up four more

Where's the team leader?
Oh that's right fans and Melvin:
You tore him apart


Game 96: Brewers 2, Braves 10

What can one man do
when 5 of their 9 hitters
are big question marks?

Halladay and Lee
let's go get both of those guys
it's not my money.

All runs on one swing
This feast or famine thing is
Starving Crew's season

Once more with feeling
A Sunday bloody Sunday
Isn't this just swell

Game 95: Brewers 4, Braves 0

Milwaukee Bears play
Like we thought Brewers could do
Can we keep this team?

Lose first, win second
Series' pattern emerges
Let's break bad habit


Game 94: Brewers 4, Braves 9

evasive action
pitch gives batter a wide berth
just a bit outside

Back to sea level
Brewers need pitching life raft
Braves still rule this town

Sub-Parra outing
Lopez sits out another
Counsel only hope

Braun's bomb ties it up
Scratch pessimistic-ku
Unless McClung throws

Chipper's bomb breaks tie
Pessimisitic-ku back on
Sellers not buyers

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Game 93: Brewers 7, Pirates 8

Alka-Seltzer game
Suppan eats sour innings
McClung coughs up lead

Clutch sticks in neutral
Series win sputters to halt
Walk-off in waiting

Game 92: Brewers 2, Pirates 0

Battering the ball
But only Prince is timely
Two runs on 12 hits

Gamecast prediction
Three outs in ninth, up two runs
99 percent

Looper goes seven
Saved by Cameron's defense
Pirates back in place


Game 91: Brewers 5, Pirates 8

Lopez offers a spark
But pitching Burns victory
Season's charred remains

Veteran Macha
Discovers Yostian slump
Sveum to the rescue?

Game story


Game 90: Brewers 3, Reds 5

Bullpen is fading
Gamel earns trip to Nashville
Season hangs by thread

Game 89: Brewers 5, Reds 1

With Braunless line up
Slack picked up by Craig Counsel
Is 3 career high?


Game 88: Brewers 0, Reds 4

Three of four unearned
Was really not an issue
One run can beat Crew


Game 87: Brewers 9, Reds 6

McClung's best out pitch
keeps his toe on the rubber
by trapping his boss

All starters score runs
But McClung gets his bell rung
Hoffman gets it done

All stars come out strong
But three hole slump continues
Braun should trade himself


All-Star Break: Home Run Derby

Prince is HR king
@Brewerfan enjoy now
Tomorrow's Yankee

Game 86: Brewers 4, Dodgers 7

Didn't watch one pitch
Didn't read the game story
Interest fading

Game story

Game 85: Brewers 6, Dodgers 3

Frolicking Brewers
Before Bay View fireworks
Summer's evening

Game 84: Brewers 8, Dodgers 12

Ninth inning, up one
Dodgers ring Hoffman's changeup
This bell rings in hell


Game 83: Brewers 0, Cardinals 5

He hit that grand slam
So when Braun opens his mouth
You know he has clout.

Home stand starts with thud
Hopefully Braun working phones
To improve the team


Game 82 Brewers 2 Cubs 8

With eleven hits
Crew only musters two runs
Short, long bus ride home

Game 81 Brewers: 11 Cubs: 2

Hardy, Braun, Fielder
Set Brewers' dinner table--
Cam, Casey clean up


Game 80: Brewers 1, Cubs 2 (10 innings)

Banks said: 'Let's play two'
Brewers less optimistic:
Let's try to win one

Game 79: Brewers 5, Cubs 9

Here we go again
Can't rise to an occassion
North side pummeling


Game 78: Brewers 0, Mets 1

Yo pitches a gem
But struggles to his HR
Has to do it all