Game 77: Brewers 6, Mets 3

Miller Park's new cheer:
They're not booing any more
They're yelling, "Boo-urns!"

Major Burns stops Mets
While Braun MASHes Santana
Playoffs on Radar?

Game 76: Brewers 10, Mets 6

One pitch from Hoffman
silences all the drama
now that's a closer

Even Carlos V
Could not ruin McGehee's slam
May Shef rot in hell


Game 75: Brewers 0, Giants 7

Old baseball saying:
Momentum is as strong as
Next starting pitcher


Game 74: Brewers 7, Giants 6

Projected winner:
Brewers 100 percent
thanks a lot, GameCast.

Fire and passion!
Momentum and clutch hitting!
Rolling your eyes yet?


Game 73: Brewers 5, Giants 1

Cheshire cat smile
Prince tousels Craig Counsel's hair
Shallow fly made good.

Game 72: Twins 6, Brewers 4

Mike Burns walks tightrope
just as well as other guys
making the big bucks


Game 71 Brewers: 4 Twins: 3

years in the making
ballplayers train their whole lives
yet you never know

Jason Kendall swings
Hits ball to deep left center
Twins mistakes give win


Game 70: Brewers 3, Twins 7

in the briar patch
team trudges down thorny path
good thing it's early

Three-man rotation:
Yo, Soup and Loops for three months
Warm up the DL

Twins romp continues
30 home stomps in four games
Gone is all the pomp


Game 69: Brewers 2, Tigers 3

A costly moment:
One pitch bursts into three runs
Great game turns to loss

Game 68: Brewers 5, Tigers 9

Backyard heat refuge
No comfort from late June swoon
Stranded in second


Game 67: Brewers 4, Tigers 10 (7 innings)

Merciful rainfall
Halts Motor City beat down
Looper knocked for loop


Game 66: Brewers 9, Indians 8 (11 innings)

throwing from first base
sidewinding Stetter dazzles
foot on the rubber

pitchers take the mound
not on a pile of dirt
on the wonder spot

Hall, Hardy go deep,
Even with Hoffman's struggles
Crew is on right track


Game 65: Brewers 7, Indians 5

not many pitches
travel right down the middle
and get called a ball

CC worked out well-
Lee, DeRosa this year's fit
Cleveland's our farm team

Game 64: Brewers 14, Indians 12

Fielder laser beam
Cuts through the June Cleveland night
Like hope returning

Packers over Browns
Hoffman blocks winning field goal
Two touchdowns standup


Game 63: Brewers 4, White Sox 5

Hart beat for offense
But major systems failing
Hoffman is human


Game 62: Brewers 1, White Sox 7

Parra digs a hole
So deep that Crew just gives up
Play another day

The two-pitch pitcher:
Ball four or grooved down middle
Need a third option

Game 61: Brewers 7, White Sox 2

Crew offense awakes
Parra on mound tomorrow
Should have saved some runs

Two-inning outburst
Can't fill-in lineup's potholes
Bumpy road ahead


Game 60: Brewers 4, Rockies 5

No clutch hits today
Dustin gestures to the field
The team Melvin built

Base hits and runs scored
No interest to Henry
Bullpen car shouts, "Wheel!"


Game 59: Brewers 2, Rockies 4

Magical season:
Watching record attendance
disappear like leads

Healthy Brewers fade
Injured Cubs hanging around
See where we're going?


Game 58: Brewers 2, Rockies 3

Offense still struggles
Pen coughs up another lead
When will summer come?

Game 57: Brewers 7, Braves 8

Carlos falls apart
While I pull weeds from back yard
Time to mow damn lawn


Game 56: Brewers 3, Braves 0

Hank Aaron's shadow
Is large for both Crew and Braves
Prince creating own


Game 55: Brewers 4, Braves 0

Twenty three years old
Not born last Crew World Series
Yo will see one soon


Game 54: Brewers 3, Marlins 4

Yesterday's headline:
Bush loses in Florida
Oh, what could have been

Pitcher blasts pitcher
Series split floats belly up
Trade for Josh Johnson?


Game 53: Brewers: 9 Marlins: 6

Case of Landshark makes
Looper get really loopy
Hoffman walks staight line


Game 52: Brewers 3, Marlins 10

Landshark Stadium:
Where 2009 season
began its death march

Dear J. Julio,
While on your way out of town,
Take Parra with you

Game 51: Brewers 4, Marlins 7

Ugly start to trip
As Julio dissolves in
Muggy Miami

See ya Julio
Off to the waiver wire
We barely knew ya