April 30 - Brewers 5, Cubs 19

Cubs play hey nineteen
Crew reelin' in the years
Suppan classic-rocked

Over in a flash
Lost in ESPN's gaze
Last day of April

This may be the final nail
In Turnbow's coffin

Hooray! 15 runs-
Two games turn listless fields green
Whoops ... 19 against.

Game story


April 29 - Brewers 10, Cubs 7

Stuck at the office
Brewers and Cubs on TV
Life can't be all bad

25 days off-
Spring returns to offense's step
Cameron's debut

Chicago cold night
Seventeen hits warm the air
Leave Cubs shivering

Game Story


April 27 - Brewers 3, Marlins 4 (10 innings)

Who saved the Marlins?
Hanley? Uggla? Hermida?
Nope. Wes freaking Helms.

Turnbow loads 'em up
For Stetter to knock 'em down.
Old-fashioned teamwork.

I refuse to write
A haiku about being
Beaten by Wes Helms

Game story


April 26 - Brewers 4, Marlins 3

Early season story:
Worries about Fielder.
Going, going ... gone.

Sunny day, sharp winds
Four return home, just enough
Many left behind-

One man wrecking crew
Team carried by this young Prince
Fueled with tofu

Game story


April 25 - Milwaukee 0, Florida 3 (10 innings)

Note to Guillermo
Walks come around to haunt you
(five syllable boooo!)

Like old hockey cheer:
Hit something! Anything! Hard!
Standing on their head

Game story


April 24 - Brewers 1, Phillies 3

Took day off for game
Brewers lackluster, but still
Better than working.

Leaning off first base -
Break with pitch! Not going home ...
Run down to no where

Game story


April 23 - Brewers 5, Phillies 4

Rally in the ninth
T-Bow's arrow finds the mark
Forgiven - for now

Lefty v. lefty
Fielder douses burnt coals
Goes back for seconds

Crowd rises to feet
For player wearing red cleats
Welcome back Jenkins

Eerie deja vu
Turnbow save, Prince two HRs
Same day, year later

Game story


April 22 - Brewers 9, Cardinals 8 (12 innings)

Miller Thunderdome
Two Gabes enter, one Gabe leaves
Exiled from Brewtown

Gabe's lasting good-bye:
Swipe second, score winning run
See ya in Tampa

One, two, three, four, five,
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, e-
leven, twelve-- Crew wins!

Game story


April 21 - Brewers 3, Cardinals 4

Bullpen sings The Who:
Meet new boss, same as old boss
Yost can you hear me?

Turnbow gets in game
And gives up doubles to gaps--
Starters should pitch nine

Game Story


April 20 - Brewers 3, Reds 4 (10 innings)

Four games in a row
Eric Gagne had to throw
Third save he did blow

Sunday harangue:
Guests leave their shoes at the door
Sweep misses dust pan

Game story


April 19 - Brewers 5 Reds 3

Strike three called a ball
Catcher takes a mighty fall
Ball a strike next call

Planning vacation
With ball game on in background
Summer drawing near

Game story

April 18 - Brewers 5, Reds 2

Spin cycle finished
Sheets twisting in the spring breeze
Hope hung out to dry

Gallardo is back
And he is the long term ace--
Still keep hope, Dustin!

Game story


April 17 - Brewers 5, Cardinals 3 (10 innings)

CBS Sportsline
Hidden from boss on desktop--
Home run for Fielder!

Cell phone's pitch-by-pitch
Reveals friendly text message

Game story


April 16 - Brewers 4, Cardinals 5

Futile rally brings
Troubling serenity:
Only lost by one!

Offense not clicking--
Hard for a Buddhist to say
Prince should eat a steak

Game story


April 15 - St. Louis 6 Milwaukee 1

Bill Hall made six outs
Swinging a bat dangerous
To his own teammates

Prince wears 42
Honors Jackie Robinson
Looks more like the babe

Celebration day
But taint of embarassment
Jackie had to wait

Line-up mystery:
No Kaplar in centerfield.
Yost? Batting practice.

Game story

April 14 - Off Day II

Crush on Warren Spahn
Just dad and me at Braves game
First born not a boy
- Sue Jaimes

Blue sky overhead

Dome open to drifting clouds
Just what is is peace
- Sue Jaimes

April 14 - Off Day Dreaming

Get up-get out-gone
Uek's home run call says it all
Game done, Brewer's win.


April 13 - Brewers 9, Mets 7

Doubled up five times over
Series victory

Gagne is his name
A pitcher of former fame
Kept the Met's bats tame.

Game story


April 12 - Brewers 5 Mets 3

How do the Brewers
lose one to Figueroa
then beat Santana?

While Sheets mows down Mets
In sunny Flushing Meadows,
It snows in Racine

Game story

April 11 - Brewers 2, Mets 4

Returning demons
Hum pyres of forgotten bats
Shea Stadium fog
(The Brewers have a
standing feud with the umpires calling this series)


April 10 - Brewers 1, Reds 4

Picture from husband
Beneath covered stadium
Dry sausages race
-Marie (photo sent by text message from Miller Park)

Flash of lightning!
Stinging grab quiets gap's call
Rally interrup ...

Rain patters over
Loss and for the first time I
Wish there was no roof
- Darin

Chorizo, Polish
Italian or Hot Dog?
The Brat runs away

Game story

April 9 - Brewers 4, Reds 12

Lunging for the edge
Carries wounded flight beyond
Truly gross display

Bird in hand of Bush
Would be better than two balls
Three balls, four balls here
- Darin

Game story


April 8 - Brewers 3, Reds 2 (10 innings)

Red hot rookie flames
Soup is hotter on the stove
Cold Canada wind

Rain patters closed roof
Battered umbrella opens late
For porous relief

Game story


April 7 - Off Day

Here's a couple of bonus haiku on a day off:

Long fly deep to right
Hart gliding into the night
Ball snared from its flight

Rear back and let loose
Spinning threads through mystic zone
Truth finds home - Stiiiii-rike!


April 6 - Brewers 7, Giants 0

Ben Sheets on a hill
Good morning good day good night
New day tomorrow

Giant shaking face-
Three whiffs, return to dugout?
No ... Bobblehead Day!

Sheets looks like an ace
But will he be in Yankee
Pinstripes in 08?

Game story


April 5 - Brewers 5, Giants 4

They might be Giants
White elephant left the room
Not too many hits

No hitter through five
Whispers spring's sweet prophecy
Rookie of the year

Game story


April 4 - Brewers 13, Giants 4 (Home opener)

Clear, sunny spring day
Home opens with fireworks--
Curtain call for Hall

Billowing smashes
Send crowds dancing in the halls
of fallen giants


April 3 - Brewers 3, Cubs 6 @ Chicago

Dreams of perfection
Misjudged like slicing fly ball
First step always back

Bush walks in '08
It's not what you're thinking, though
This Bush name is Dave


April 2 - Brewers 8, Cubs 2 @ Chicago

Ricky's back ... fast ball
Ricky's hand ... hanging curve ball
First pitch home run - ouch!

Line drive down the line
Diving stab leaves Lee supine
Winning run feels fine.

Game story

March 31, 2008 - Brewers 4, Cubs 3 @ Chicago

Cold rain on Wrigley
Young Gwynn emerges from field
Proving spring is here

3-0 in the ninth!
Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball ...
10 million sighs

Game story