Game 10: Brewers 6 Cubs 5

Summer sun pours in
McGehee's pinch in eighth saves nine
Winning recipe



Game 144 - Brewers: 7 Cubs: 4

Lopez and Gerut
Contribute large in this win
Give Melvin credit

Game 143 - Brewers: 9 Cubs: 5

Looper can't blow lead
Although he tried really hard
Escobar real deal

Game 142- Brewers: 7 Cubs: 13

Crew pitchers bring leash
Give Cubs long walks in the park
Brewers are Cubs bitch

Game 141 - Brewers: 0 Cubs: 2

Suppan was super
Only problem here was that
Dempster superer


Game 140 Brewers 5 Diamondbacks 3

Future's foreshadow:
did he really make that play?
Escobar happens.

Game 139: Brewers 9 Diamondbacks 2

Fluttering, looping
and twisting in the night sky -
changeup baffles bats


Game 138 - Brewers 6 Diamondbacks 3

In valley of sun
Crew bats rise from the ashes
Bullpen makes it stand


Game 137: Brewers 1, Cardinals 5

Radio today
Which Brewer should be traded:
Braun or Fielder?

Lovable losers
Extra loss, minus the love
Anyone still care?

Game 136: Brewers 3, Cardinals 4

Labor Day passes
But Holliday sticks around
Hoffman needs a break

Six under, but hope!
20 over possible
with 26 left