September 28 - Brewers: 3 Cubs: 1

Let us not forget
on this celebration day
Wes Helms' hit sank Mets

Like a prize fighter
Bloodied but not defeated
Brewers still standing

Get outta here-- gone!!!!
Braun and Sabathia mean
No football today

Opening Day hopes
Realized through seasoned play
October's sweet call

Victory. Collapse.
This is ours. Another their's.
Winners and losers.
Mazeroski Fisk
Gibson Henderson Thompson
Carter and now BRAUN!!!!

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ed@thecubsinhaiku.com said...

Sabathia’s tough
Cubs get just one unearned run
Brew Crew wins wild card

If the Brewers win
First round against the Phillies
Then we’ll meet again

Could be the final battle
In the Haiku War