Haiku War!

Brew Crew wants to know
Who will be your goat this year?
An actual goat?

Like Cubs in Haiku
Chicago fans count up runs
As Brewers cross home.

With the big series starting tonight, our new friends/archenemies at
Cubs in Haiku have issued a friendly haiku challenge to Brew Crew Haiku. See their responses in the comments, and please post your own!

Here's the first shots from Wrigley:

Ed writes:

Sunday just the start
Of a Brew Crew losing streak
Cubs will do damage

Ready for C.C.
Cubbie bats will come alive
At Wrigley Field North

And Steven:

Milwaukee better
enjoy their brief stay in first,
Wild Card more likely.

I'd have no use for
The entire state up North
If not for the beer.

It's filled with a bunch
of bass-fishin', cheese makin',
Favre-kissin' morons!

But during the race,
There will be no better pick -
Go Polish Sausage!


Steven said...

Mighty Cubs win one
Most fun game in a long time
Dust off the Blue brooms?

Enjoy this line up:
Zambrano, Harden, Dempster.
Enjoy your deer fun!

Ed said...

Sabathia who?
Cubs bats hot versus the ace
One down, three to go.

debra said...

the cubs' secret weapon
is not one of theirs
alas, rickie weeks

debra said...

i have no ticket!
yet all those screaming Cubs fans
in my baseball home!