July 29 - Brewers 4, Cubs 6

List of things that kill:
Smoking, drunk driving, crack, guns,
Weeks at second base

Groggy this morning
Stayed up too late watching game
Was it a bad dream?

Week(s) effort for sure
But Fielder shows some life:
Royalty on tap

No July worries-
We can always bank on
A Cubbie collapse

Yost calls it 'great game'
Hope Ned likes watching 'great games'
from his couch next year

And our Cubs frienemies gloat:

Sabathia who?
Cubs bats hot versus the ace
One down, three to go.

Mighty Cubs win one
Most fun game in a long time
Dust off the Blue brooms?

Enjoy this line up:
Zambrano, Harden, Dempster.
Enjoy your deer fun!

1 comment:

Ed said...

No bad dream, Darin
Just the Brewers' worst nightmare
And tonight? Big Z!