July 27 - Brewers: 6 Astros: 11

Prince and Hart struggle,
Suppan's ERA breaks five--
Some chinks in armor.

Look-ing a-head (v):
Dropping two of three at home
as Cubbies loom

Prince lives up to name
He's second in line to throne
Hail mighty King Braun


Steven said...

A little friendly haiku-trash talk before the big series:

Milwaukee better
enjoy their brief stay in first,
Wild Card more likely.

I'd have no use for
The entire state up North
If not for the beer.

It's filled with a bunch
of bass-fishin', cheese makin',
Favre-kissin' morons!

But during the race,
There will be no better pick -
Go Polish Sausage!

Ed said...

Sunday just the start
Of a Brew Crew losing streak
Cubs will do damage

Ready for C.C.
Cubbie bats will come alive
At Wrigley Field North