July 29 - Brewers 1, Cubs 7

They scored first and more
But we scored the game's last run-
Momentum, baby!


Steven said...

Two down, two to go.
Dempster and Harden up next.
Enjoy third-place, guys.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch ball
until the fall,
but then I heard,
something quite absurd,
the Cubs vs the Brewers
was to be a good match,
so I watched it, quite natch.
The Brews, twice skewered,
are on their way to the sewer
they go spinning on down,
as the Cubs do the rounds.
so go with the Cubs,
not the cheesy sinking Suds.

Ed said...

Holy Sheets Cubbies!
So much for Brew Crew Aces
The lead grows to three

Cubs_Fan_34 said...

Two aces have pitched,
Brewers are down oh and two.
Just too much good stuff!

neverbesocial said...

I love your haiku
you have the optimism
the brew crew shall lose

Ed said...

[Cubs win Wednesday 7-2]

Cubs win their fourth straight
Do you know what they call that?
Momentum, baby!

Steven said...

The Cubs romp again.
Feeling bad for the Brew Crew,
Hate them less than Cards.

Cubs_Fan_34 said...

Good ol' poker term
Applies to the Brewers now,
Their two aces cracked.