May 31 - Brewers 4, Astros 1

Black-flagged on last lap
Sheets leads crew to the finish
Right arm smoking hot

Branyan strikes out once.
Then hits third longest homerun.
But strikes out again.

Big Ben like clockwork
But battery mate the ace:
Kendall cuts down three

Moon Shot Russel B.
Reputation cuts both ways:
No park can hold him.

Game story

May 30 - Brewers 5, Astros 1

What is the secret
To good hitting and pitching?
Throw back uniforms.

Game story


May 29 - Brewers 1, Braves 8

Lefty one-out guy
Yost finding way to kill Shouse
Multiple innings

Put away the brooms
Pull out the mop and bucket
This one was messy.

Game story

May 28 - Brewers 1, Braves 0

From Suppan to nuts
Pitching was served on this day
Upsize the small ball

Gagne? Turnbow? No.
Not even Riske or Shouse.
Torres nails down wins.

Game story


May 27 - Brewers 3, Braves 2

Happy Homecoming
Luck struck the foot of Hudson
And the bat of Hall

On winter like day
Brewers build late picket fence
Home stand has good start

Hall provides glamor
But Bush ignites long-term hope:
Seven strong innings

Game story


May 26 - Brewers 4, Nationals 3 (11 innings)

Branyon whiffs four times
There is a reason he can't
Stay in the big leagues

Playing from behind:
Like gambling rent money
Sometimes you win, but ...

Game story


May 25 - Brewers 6, Nationals 7

Brewers get six pack
plenty of empties follow
shaky penmanship

Big inning shows life
But Mota's one wild pitch means
Comeback is wasted

Yost's indignity-
Presidents beat Sausages.
No guaranteed wins

Spring bulbs die in June
Buds form on summer lilies-
Yost no gardener


May 24 - Brewers 5, Nationals 2

Hart pumps up offense
McClung provides needed breath
Feint pulse detected

Game story

May 23 - Brewers 1, Nationals 5

Margin of error:
Bobbling three-hop grounder
Victory unearned

Game story


May 22 - Brewers 4, Pirates 8

Weeks is heating up
Rising like sun in morning
Bush sinks like cold stone

Hit parade rolls on:
One notable 0 for 4
Anyone seen Prince?

Game story


May 21 - Brewers 4, Pirates 1

Sheets stops Pittsburgh bats
Sheets solves the bullpen problem
Two words: contract year.

Forget average-
Fleet Weeks carrying offense
Two more runs come home

Sheets scatters the hits
Eleven of them in nine
Like weeds left to die

Game story

Note: Today is our 50th post! Nice job haiku-sters! Only 112 (or so) to go ...


May 20 - Brewers 7, Pirates 2

Our thanks for the Pirates
Without them we lose six straight
Bucs, give us a break.

Some solid pitching,
While bats emerge from deep funk.
Its only Pittsburgh.

Game story

Note: Special thanks to Jim Powell for mentioning Brew Crew Haiku during tonight's 5th inning chat. Here's the link.


May 18 - Brewers 7, Red Sox 11

Looking for reasons?
Three bats in starting line up
Under .201

Braun calls out teammates:
45 million man
Earning his money

Game story


May 17 - Brewers 6, Red Sox 7

Taking on water
sinking like a lead balloon
way too many holes

Four freakin' errors!
Blow another late-game lead
Boston massacre

Game story

May 17 - Brewers 3, Red Sox 5

Dice-K rolls Suppan-
Ortiz takes three of a kind
Brewers out of luck

Game story

May 16 - Brewers vs. Red Sox (rain out)

Interleague delay-
Sweet joy of no decision
Day without defeat


May 15 - Brewers 2, Dodgers 7

Despite bad result
Day to celebrate because
Braun has taken root

Trudging to Boston-
Take in the sites, Benjamin
May be new home soon

Game story


May 14 - Brewers 4, Dodgers 6

Cue David Mamet:
Put that coffee down, Mota
Coffee for closers

May 13 - Brewers 5, Dodgers: 3

Gagne in the ninth
Nails down another save but
Still walks the tight rope


May 12 - Brewers 8, Cardinals 3

Yadier's striptease
Braun's four long dongs in two days
Two ways to go yard.

Final three innings:
Six cardinals walk to first.
Five-run win distress

Red birds fly away
Spring song lost in budding leaves
Peck for seeds in dirt


May 11 Brewers: 5 Cardinals: 3

Ryan goes deep twice
Suppan gives seven innings
No Gagne seals win


May 10 - Brewers 3, Cardinals 5

if Yost gets ousted
will mean game over.

Distant memory still clear:
Hate the Cardinals

90 feet away
Squeeze play misses the squeeze:
Disgusting baseball

Free agent mistake,
Melvin should be forced to wear
Scarlet "G" on shirt

With two runs in ninth
Gagne gave Cardinals the game.
Odd, his name means win.

Game story

May 9 - Brewers 4, Cardinals 3

from the home dugout
same bat time, same bat channel
as away dugout

Two outs in the ninth:
Scrap singles, walk, game winner.
End of a long week

Weeks worth of losses
Forgotten for a moment.
Confidence restored?

Game story


First reader haiku!

Today is a milestone for Brew Crew Haiku ... our first reader-submitted poem! Here it is ...

Now Below .500
Can Ned Yost survive the month
Why cant these guys hit?

Thanks, Stu! Do you have a haiku you'd like to submit? Send it to us at: dustin.block@gmail.com


May 7 - Brewers 2, Marlins 6

Freefallin' season
Bernie slides into flat suds
Below .500

Earlier this week
Made joke about losing streak--
Is not funny now


May 6 - Brewers 0, Marlins 3

Yost tossed in the fourth:
Little ejection portends ...
Big ejection soon

Bases are loaded
Hall's chance to be the hero
Flyout on first pitch

Game story


May 4 - Brewers 6, Astros 8 (12 innings)

Sunday misery-
Houston, we have a problem
Last place far away?

Enron and Clemens
Is this place even real?
Home runs don't hit trains

Brewers at Houston
Lead, follow, end of the game
Third time no charm

Tough break for Stetter
Gagne perfect set up man
Turnbow, goat part ways


May 3 - Brewers 2, Astros 6

Surrounded by guys
At dinner talking Brewers
Need more ice cream cake

Parra cum laude
knows the school of hard knocks
doubles and home runs

Pitching and hitting
Both disappear like spring rain
Summer looms long, dry


May 2 - Brewers 4, Astros 7

Why can't Brewers score
with runners on every base?
Ask the stone batter.

Sixth-inning graveyard:
Dead man stands on mound of dirt
Each pitch digs deeper

Game story


May 1 - Brewers 4, Cubs 3

I can't believe it
Gallardo's going back out?
How dumb can they be?

Throw home, throw to first-
1+1= 3 outs.
Shouse's victory

The sweetest words the
Brewers could ever hear are:
Here comes Kerry Wood

Game story